Rib Diced Cartilage–Fascia Grafting in Dorsal Nasal Reconstruction: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Wrapping With Rectus Muscle Fascia vs Deep Temporal Fascia.

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Kamran As’adi Seyed Hamid Salehi Saeed Shoar

Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 34, Issue 6, 1 August 2014, Pages NP21–NP31

Published:  01 August 2014


Rib cartilage is an abundant source for cartilage grafts when significant dorsal nasal augmentation or structural support is indicated. Diced cartilage wrapped in fascia was developed to counteract warping, visibility, and displacement of rib cartilage as a dorsal solid graft. The technique for wrapping diced cartilage has evolved during the past several years.


The authors compared 2 distinct fascial sleeves for wrapping rib diced cartilage in the treatment of patients who required major dorsal nasal augmentation.


Thirty-six patients who planned to undergo major dorsal nasal reconstruction with diced costal rib cartilage were assigned randomly to 1 of 2 groups: the intervention group, which received grafts wrapped with rectus muscle fascia from the rib cartilage harvesting site, or the control group, which received deep temporal fascia harvested separately. Outcomes were compared between the groups.


Patients in the intervention group had significantly shorter operating times, significantly higher average satisfaction scores, and significantly shorter postoperative hospital stays than did patients in the control group.


Harvesting rectus muscle fascia for wrapping diced rib cartilage is a feasible and reliable technique in dorsal nasal reconstruction surgery. It is associated with favorable outcomes and a high Level of patient satisfaction.

Level of Evidence: 4