Secondary Augmentation-Mastopexy: Indications, Preferred Practices, and the Treatment of Complications.

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<p>Michelle A. Spring, MD, FACS Luis H. Macias, MD Meghan Nadeau, MDW. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS</p>

<i>Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 34, Issue 7, 1 September 2014, Pages 1018–1040</i>

<p>Published: 01 September 2014</p>


<p>Increasing the volume of the breast while simultaneously decreasing the skin envelope equates to surgery involving opposing forces. Increasing patient demand and the evolving perceptions of surgeons have led to the growing popularity of the combined augmentation-mastopexy operation. In turn, secondary augmentation-mastopexies and revisional surgeries of primary augmentation-mastopexies also have increased in popularity. In this article, the authors describe indications for secondary augmentation-mastopexy, techniques for performing this combined procedure safely and effectively, adjunctive procedures, potential pitfalls, and the treatment of complications.</p>