No Increase in Female Breast Size or Fat Redistribution to the Upper Body After Liposuction: A Prospective Controlled Photometric Study.

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Eric Swanson

Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 34, Issue 6, 1 August 2014, Pages 896–906

Published: 01 August 2014


Some studies have indicated that liposuction may cause breast enlargement. Fat redistribution to the upper body as a compensatory mechanism after liposuction has also been reported.


To evaluate the possibility of secondary breast hypertrophy and fat redistribution after liposuction, breast size and upper body measurements were obtained and compared for women who did not gain weight postoperatively.


Eighty-two women who underwent cosmetic surgery, not including breast surgery, were enrolled in this prospective controlled study. Participants represented 1 of 3 procedure groups: cosmetic surgery not including liposuction (n = 24), liposuction (n = 41), and liposuction combined with abdominoplasty (n = 17). Breast measurements were obtained from standardized lateral photographs matched for size and orientation. Results were compared among the study groups.


Postoperatively, there were no significant changes in mean body weight among the study groups. No significant increases in upper pole projection, breast projection, or breast area were found in patients treated with liposuction alone and those who received liposuction plus abdominoplasty. Upper body dimensions were unchanged except for a significant (P < .01) decrease in upper abdominal width in women treated with liposuction plus abdominoplasty. The findings were the same for a subset of 17 women with liposuction aspirate volumes >1500 mL.


Results indicate that neither liposuction nor abdominoplasty produces secondary breast enlargement. Upper body dimensions are unchanged, consistent with findings of a previous study and contrary to the theory of fat redistribution.

Level of Evidence: 2