Lipomodeling: An Innovative Approach to Global Volumetric Rejuvenation of the Hand.

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Tommaso Agostini, MD; Raffaella Perello, MD

Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 35, Issue 6, 1 August 2015, Pages 708–714

Published: 31 July 2015


Rejuvenation of the hand, particularly the dorsum, has garnered increased attention because of its unique aesthetic importance. Various methods have been advocated for achieving optimal aesthetic results.


The authors describe their experience applying lipotransfer to total hand rejuvenation, including rejuvenation of the radial and ulnar aspects of the fingers.


The authors conducted a retrospective review of 22 women who underwent global hand rejuvenation by lipotransfer. Aesthetic outcomes were assessed objectively by serial photography and subjectively by patient self-assessments.


No major postoperative complications were observed. Of 22 patients, 21 indicated that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the procedure. Plasti surgeons noted improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the hands after treatment.


Global hand rejuvenation should aim to restore volume and reduce skin laxity to reverse the signs of extrinsic aging. The fingers represent almost 50% of the length of the hand and should be included in treatments to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes.

Level of Evidence: 4